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Introducing the InvisiClean Aura 4 in 1 Air Purifier

Introducing the InvisiClean Aura 4 in 1 Air Purifier

We just received our first shipment of InvisiClean Aura 4 in 1 air purifiers and we are very excited to tell you about it's features. So what makes this air purifier so different?

The most important job of an air purifier is to cycle as much air in as short of a time as possible. The more it cycles the air the faster it cleans. In order to achieve this, the InvisiClean Aura utilizes a high efficiency direct current motor. Using this motor, we are able to generate more than double the air output using less than half the power of other air purifiers. Although our air purifiers may cost a little more initially the cost savings in electricity and longevity will give you better value for your money in the long run. Our goal is to bring you best quality air purifiers that actually move air and work. By utilizing a powerful and efficient motor, it is the core to achieving this goal.

Although the unit is very powerful, the InvisiClean Aura is very small for the amount of cleaning it does. The air purifier is less than 18 inches tall (about knee level to most people) and about a foot wide, but has the cleaning power of air purifiers more than twice its size. This makes the unit easily portable to different areas of your house but still gives you the power for even the most demanding jobs.

Many manufacturer's use the word HEPA but not all HEPA filters are created equal. Our true HEPA filters will capture 99.97% of all airborne particles up to 0.3 microns. Beware of other units that advertise "99%" or HEPA-type, these units are using inferior filters to generate more air flow from a weaker motor but it will only perform marginally compared to a true HEPA filter. We won't go into the full details here but the InvisiClean Aura air purifier uses high quality true HEPA filter paper from South Korea.

Sleep Mode
Sleep mode is used to completely black out the control panel and is designed for users that must have complete darkness to sleep. Usage is simple, set the settings you would like to use throughout the night and press sleep mode. The unit will turn off all external lights and stay running in the mode you set it in until the sleep mode button is pressed again.

Turbo Mode
In turbo mode, the fan will run at full speed and trust us you will notice. Turbo mode is designed to be used in short spurts and will show you why a powerful motor is so important. Turbo mode is designed to give the highest power output to clear a room out fast. It may be loud but it will be effective.

UV-C and Ionizer
Many air purifiers do not give you a choice when it comes to UV-C and ionizer. InvisiClean knows that some people may be more sensitive to certain features than others or simply do not want the extra features. All of our features are optional and can be controlled independently.

Don't want the air purifier to be on all day or night? Just use the timer feature to set 2, 4, or 8 hours and the air purifier will turn off by itself after the set amount of time.

We offer an industry leading 3 year warranty on all air purifiers. If you have a problem just contact us and we will make it right!

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